Vondossburg Woodworking
Polk Furniture Services
We are proud to offer our services to the church community.
We offer a wide variety of services to the church community that
other single companies can't offer.
Our companies specialize in Wood Finishing and Upholstery 
We can finish new items or strip and refinish old or antique items
such as:
q  Pews
q  Choir Chairs
q  Office Desks
q  Benches
q  Tables
We offer on-site touch up on sanctuary seating and office furniture.
Our companies can reproduce custom furniture such as:
q  Pamphlet Racks
q  Display Racks
q  Podiums
q  Book Cases 
We can repair furniture of any kind including:
q  Wood Turning of Banister Spindles
q  Chair Spindles
q  Chair Legs